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Top Hen Party Ideas

As we get ready to enter the wedding season, you might be wondering what to do for the Hen Party! If you’re engaged and have already begun planning or are part of the bride squad with no idea where to start, fear not, we have a few ideas up our sleeve to help get you started!

No Bride is the same, we all have different ideas for what sort of Hen Do we would like, so that’s really the first decision. To work out what your hens interests are and what will bring the group together. Perhaps they’ve already hinted at something? Maybe it’s a night to remember, a girly getaway, or an outdoorsy adventure. First things first - work out everyone’s budget before you start planning.


If it’s a night to remember, then some of the best places for nights out are London, Liverpool and Manchester. They all have hotels designed for hen and stag do’s, and we’re talking huge rooms with multiple double beds, lined up dressing tables, and even a jacuzzi. These hotels are one of the perfect pre-drink venues to get ready, play games and bond over a cocktail while you get excited for the night ahead!

Of course, we do know a great cocktail company that can provide you with the best pre-drinking experience – yours truly The Cocktail Delivery Company. Head over to our menus to have a look at our offering or get in touch with us at, and if the bride has a favourite cocktail, that’s no problem, we can make it especially for them.

Signature Living Hen Parties

Finally for every good hen do you always need a goody bag. Who doesn’t love the nostalgia to take you back to your childhood! Get creative and tailor these depending on what you are doing and where you are going. Those little personal touches go a long way to making the guests and your bride feel special. As they say the devil is in the detail!

A great company who provide all the finishing details is Team Hen, they have some great trinkets and useful collateral that you are bound to use again.

Team Hen – Goody Bags

If you want to go down the DIY route, then we’ve come up with aHilarious Hen Hangover Kit checklist!

  • Personalise Hangover Kit Bag for everything to go in

  • Ginger and Lemon shots – to replenish your bodies with those much needed vitamins

  • Bloody Mary – for hair of the dog (contact us for this bespoke offering)

  • Matchsticks – to keep those eyes open

  • Wipes – to clean those beer goggles

  • Face Mask – to refresh your face

  • Painkillers – to help with the inevitable headache

  • Mints – to freshen that boozy breath

  • An eraser – to erase those embarrassing moments!

  • Water – HYDRATE

  • Plaster – to cover those dancing blisters

  • Paper clip – to help hold yourself together!

  • Jigsaw piece – to help you feel complete again!


If you’re wanting something that extends the fun into a whole weekend, then book yourselves a big sharing house. There are many platforms that provide a plethora of interesting stays, from tree houses, yurts and cabins to houses, castles or mansions. Why not factor in a hot tub for your stay as well, to add something a little bit extra. Some of the best platforms we have used are Celebration Cottages, Canopy & Stars,Character Cottages, Kate & Toms, Air B’n’B. We also recommend having as many of our top ten activities to make the ultimate hen weekend to remember:

  1. Mobile Beauty, (mani, facial, head massage or make-up and glitter artists)

  2. Don't forget those Cocktails or Hire a Bar (our sister company can provide an excellent service for this at The 43 Club)

  3. Hire a DJ, otherwise don’t forget to bring the music and make a playlist

  4. Don’t forget the games - Mr & Mrs is always a must have in our eyes

  5. Decorations – it’s the final touches that make a party special

  6. Cook a special surprise breakfast for the hen with memories, quotes and old photographs of your times together as friends and family

  7. Dare we say it, a butler in the buff, but make it classy with a cute waiter to serve your cocktails and canapes for the evening

  8. Book a Chef, there are so many local mobile chefs that do all the cooking and cleaning for you, so you can get on with the games and fun. It’s a nice way to celebrate the hen in an intimate setting

  9. Creative workshops – perhaps a flower crown making contest, candle making or t.shirt embossing. Doing something that you can use or wear for the weekend is fun and also makes a nice keepsake

  10. Matching pyjamas for that picture perfect gram post

The Cocktail Delivery Company – Can’t Decide Box

Celebration Cottages


If you are the outdoorsy type and love to move your body, we have listed our top five favourite activities, whether it’s getting the adrenaline running or moving at a slower pace we have something to suit everyone. We recommend paring a couple of activities together to fill the day up, and of course don’t forget to throw in a well deserve lunch or dinner in to celebrate the hen. These can even be factored into the Big Weekender if you like a bit of pampering as well.

  1. Kayaking or White Water Rafting

  2. Dance Classes

  3. Yoga retreat

  4. Rock Climbing

  5. Surfing

Yoga Hen Parties

Just remember whatever you choose to do, don’t stress yourselves over it, and enjoy every moment! The main thing is that you are all together and there to see the hen off in style.

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