gin party box no.1

gin party box no.1


elevate your celebration with our selected gin cocktail party box, delivered fresh to your door, ready to shake and serve straight out the box - giving you more time to enjoy the party. 


we have carefully selected each box and provided recommended volumes based on over 20 years experience. 


the party box is perfect for any occasion - birthdays, hen parties, weddings and parties just for the sake of having a party.


bramble (abv 17.6 per cent)

london dry gin shaken with fresh lemon, sugar & crème de mure with a blackberry and lemon wheel garnish.


gin basil smash (abv 19.2 per cent)

london dry gin shaken with lemon, sugar & fresh basil topped with a dehydrated lemon wheel.


plum & tonic (abv 10 per cent)

london dry gin, umeshu plum wine, pink peppercorn syrup & pink peppercorn tonic with sliced strawberries.


20 guest party box includes (£3.94 per cocktail):


22 x bramble

22 x gin basil smash

15 x plum & tonic


40 guest party box includes (£3.83 per cocktail):


44 x bramble

44 x gin basil smash

30 x plum & tonic


60 guest party box includes (£3.75 per cocktail):


66 x bramble

66 x gin basil smash

45 x plum & tonic


80 guest party box includes (£3.58 per cocktail):


88 x bramble

88 x gin basil smash

60 x plum & tonic


100 guest party box includes (£3.40 per cocktail):


110 x bramble

110 x gin basil smash

75 x plum & tonic


get in touch for any parties over 100 guests. 



Bramble Mix - Gin, Lemon Juice, Sugar & Creme de Mure.


Garnish - Lemon Wheel & Blackberry


Plum & Tonic Mix – London Dry Gin, Umeshu Plum Wine, Pink Peppercorn Syrup & Pink Peppercorn Tonic.


Garnish - Strawberry Slices


Gin Basil Smash Mix – London Dry Gin, Fresh Lemon, Sugar & Fresh Basil.


Garnish – Dehydrated Lemon Wheel


Ice & Glassware Not Included.


As a general rule, our cocktails will have an expiry date of 5 days from the date of delivery.