dry vermouth, velvet falernum, zero pineapple shrub, zero lime juice, passion fruit puree and creole bitters garnished with zero pineapple blade.


this low abv (4 per cent) zero waste cocktail has been made with love and care by our mixologists. it is the perfect cocktail for summer drinks in the park or chilling with friends and loved ones as the sun goes down. this is what we like to call a "session drink".


how is it zero waste. not one item in this cocktail has been purchased just to make this cocktail. the spirits are leftovers from our parent company, The 43 Club, the zero pineapple shrub (pina colada and lost in mexico) and lime juice (mojito, time is on our side, cosmopolitan) is made from our garnish waste, the passion fruit puree is extracted from the left over passion fruit that makes our porn star martini's and the garnish comes from the pina colada and the lost in mexico.


abv 4%


  • recommended glassware: hiball 10oz
  • equipment required: cocktail shaker, jigger, strainer
  • ice required: cubed to serve


as a general rule, our cocktails will have an expiry date of 15 days from the date of delivery.

Recommended Serves 2



250ml Zero Waste Cocktail Mix - Dry Vermouth, Velvet Falernum, Pineapple Shrub, Lime, Creole Bitters and Water

Garnish - 4 x Pineapple Blade


Ice & Glassware Not Included.